Our Services

AMS provides  ambulance fit-out services with the highest standards of quality and professionalism, we pride ourselves on providing integrated solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the field of emergency healthcare.

The ambulances we provide include:

1- Ambulances of the first category.

2- Ambulances of the second category.

3- Ambulances of the third category.

4- X44 ambulances.

Mobile Clinic Centers

Mobile clinic centers are mobile medical units that provide health care services in different areas, the services of these clinics include medical examinations, initial treatments, simple diagnostic examinations, the provision of vaccines, and medical advice. AMS provides  a flexible and complementary solution to fixed medical services, contributing to reducing congestion in hospitals and improving access to healthcare in communities in need.

Mobile hospitals (truck)

Mobile hospitals in the form of trucks offered to you  by AMS is a mobile medical unit equipped inside a large truck. AMS offers you  this truck that will make you able to provide medical services in areas that lack permanent medical infrastructure or in hard-to-reach areas.

Mobile Field Hospitals

The field mobile hospitals offered by AMS are mobile medical units that move between different places to provide healthcare to as many individuals as possible without committing to a specific geographical place. These mobile hospitals are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and resources to meet the healthcare needs of local communities.

These mobile hospitals are very important in providing emergency and essential healthcare in places that lack permanent medical facilities.

Rescue and evacuation vehicle

AMS rescue vehicles  are a vital means of transporting patients with critical medical conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, or serious accidents. These cars are distinguished by being equipped with more advanced medical equipment than a regular ambulance.

Rescue vehicles are equipped with advanced equipment including heart and pressure monitors, mechanical respirators, anesthesia and stabilization tools, as well as supplies for first aid and emergency treatment.

Rescue vehicles provide the ability to provide immediate and specialized medical care in places where an accident occurs, helping to reduce response time and improve the chances of survival and recovery for injured patients.

Mobile Workshops

The mobile workshop is the ideal solution to provide technical maintenance services to customers, as AMS offers  specialized cars equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to provide maintenance and repair services on site, which provides the required movement for technicians and helps provide exceptional services to customers.

AMS features  customised mobile workshop to suit the customer’s requirements and the type of maintenance required, while providing adequate storage space and easy access to all necessary equipment.

Mobile Offices

Traffic is causing a workflow obstruction? AMS has the  solution!
 For those who can’t wait for traffic delays, AMS Mobile Office is the practical solution. Whether you choose a mobile office car, a mobile office car sedan, a VAN or a bus.

Each AMS mobile office is established  at the request of the  client. After detailed consultation on your business and personal needs, AMS will  produce a specification package for your approval before building your vehicle.

Mobile Homes

AMS offers your  car  Conversion services designed to provide living and comfortable accommodation. Types of mobile home vehicles include different types of sedans, VAN and BUS.


Cars that provide you with many advantages , such as moving comfortably with a full house that accompanies you everywhere you intend to visit, without feeling the trouble of traveling or moving by regular cars.

Equipping fire fighting vehicles

AMS equips fire trucks with the latest technology and advanced equipment to ensure high effectiveness in responding to fires and saving lives. These cars feature a sophisticated design that ensures easy access and mobility in difficult and changing locations.

The equipment of the fire trucks that AMS equips includes a wide range of necessary equipment and tools, such as automatic sprinkler systems, manual sprinkler systems, spray pumps, fire hoses, gas monitoring and detection devices, and execution and extinguishing devices.

AMS aims  to provide integrated and reliable fire trucks that meet the needs of civil defense and the entire community, and contribute to maintaining the safety of life and property in emergency situations.

Equipping disabled cars

The Disabled Car Equipping Service provided by AMS aims to provide specialized and equipped transportation to meet the needs of persons with disabilities efficiently and comfortably. This service is a practical solution for individuals with special needs who need a means of transportation appropriate to their circumstances.


AMS’s Disabled Car Fit-out Service includes modifying regular vehicles to meet the needs of people with disabilities, including the installation of specialized equipment such as wheelchair lifts, hand control systems, and Conversions to the ride and brake control system.

Golf Cars

AMS Golf Car Conversion Service aims to improve the playing experience in stadiums and sports areas,  AMS adapts golf cars to suit the needs and desires of players, whether they are looking for comfort during the tour or improving their athletic performance.


AMS’s golf car fit-out service includes various Conversions such as interior design changes for comfort.

VIP auto Conversion

The VIP car Conversion service provided by AMS aims to improve and enhance the travel experience and comfort of its valued customers. AMS modifies luxury cars to meet the needs of customers looking for the highest levels of luxury and performance.


AMS’ VIP car Conversion service includes various Conversions such as changes in the interior design to add luxurious touches and distinctive comfort, and equipping the car with the latest digital and entertainment technologies to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for passengers.


Thanks to this service, AMS VIP customers can  enjoy a luxurious and comfortable travel experience, enjoying the highest levels of luxury and comfort during their trips. This service reflects AMS’s commitment  to providing innovative and customized solutions to meet the needs of its valued customers and ensure a unique and unrivalled experience on every journey.